Nerve Repair and Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been PROVEN to repair injured nerves. I’ve spent the last 5 years of my practice specifically focusing on treating injured nerves, because in the end, all pain comes down to the nerves. What makes Dr. Josh Hanson different from other acupuncturists in the Tampa area that I take a Neurofunctional Acupuncture approach.

Findings published in Neural Regeneration Research demonstrate that acupuncture causes injured lower and upper limb motor nerves to repair. Nerve conduction tests of acupuncture patients with nerve injuries document “an effective response” in 80% of patients participating in the study.

Electromyography studies confirm that acupuncture significantly improves motor nerve conduction velocity and amplitude and also promotes functional nerve repair. The researchers made an important discovery that adding a special set of acupuncture points resulted in a 42% jump in response rate.

All nerve injuries have multiple components that affect how they heal. The biggest area where acupuncture can help is by increase local blood flow and oxygen to the nerve and by helping to create a more habital metabolic environment by reducing inflammation. 

The researchers note that nerve injuries affect the metabolic microenvironment. Citing an example, they note that sciatic nerve injuries reduce acetylcholinesterase activity in the lumbar spinal cord microenvironment. This causes neuronal cell death thereby impeding nerve repair. The researchers note that acupuncture counteracts this effect citing that it successfully increases “acetylcholinesterase expression in spinal cord tissue after peripheral nerve injury.” 

As a result, the researchers suggest that this may be an important mechanism by which acupuncture promotes the healing of peripheral nerves.

In the end, acupuncture can help nerve injuries, including peripheral neuropathy.

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Dr. Josh Hanson specializes in treating chronic pain and providing fertility support. He has performed 40,000+ procedures over the last 10+ years. Dr. Hanson has a clinic in Tampa, FL where patients travel from all over Florida to receive cutting edge care.

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