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Prolozone is all natural treatment that restarts your body’s healing process and decreases pain. The treatment can help with acute or chronic pain and regenerate damaged joints, herniated discs, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues.

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Conditions Prolzone Is Helpful For:

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Chris M.

This man helped me avoid back surgery and pain management procedures with something highly effective and zero side effects. I had moderate or higher back pain and nerve pain on the bottom of my right foot. Now I am pain free most of the time, with only an occasional twinge to remind me that pain was once my constant companion.

What is Prolozone?

It’s an all natural regenerative injection of vitamins and oxygen which enhances and stimulates our natural cellular repair activity—providing the building blocks necessary to heal your joints. It’s a combination of traditional Dextrose Prolotherapy & Ozone.

What to Expect With Prolozone Treatment

How Does Prolozone Work

Your body needs 3 things to heal. 1) Oxygen, 2) Nutrients, 3) Bloodflow. Prolozone Injections help to stimulate the healing and regeneration process by injecting Dextrose, Vitamins, Oxygen (ozone) and stimulating blood flow around injured and damaged tissues. 

The dextrose calms down irritated nerves and helps to stimulate a healing response to damaged and injured areas.

The injected ozone increases the blood supply and flow of healing nutrients. More importantly, it also stimulates the deposition and activity of fibroblasts and chondroblasts. These cells synthesize the collagen and cartilage that the body uses to repair damaged ligaments and joints. This increase in cellular repair activity strengthens and tightens the injured tissues; thereby stabilizing the area, and removing the cause of the pain.

What Conditions Are Treated With Prolozone?

Back and neck pain with or without degenerative disk disease, shoulder pain from rotator cuff injuries, and osteoarthritis of the hips, knees and spine are the most common ailments treated with Prolozone Therapy. Prolozone Therapy is also excellent for many other types of musculoskeletal pain, including fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ syndrome, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, tennis elbow and virtually any sports injuries. It can be especially effective in treating areas that have previously been operated on because of the significant injury that occurs to ligaments during surgery.

How Much Does Prolozone Cost?

Prolozone injections cost $175-$300 per region injected. So if you have knee pain, and shoulder pain that you would like to be treated, the cost will be a little more than just knee pain or shoulder pain alone. During your initial examination, Dr. Josh Hanson, DACM will put together a treatment plan for you based on your exam findings, areas of discomfort and goals.

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