Regenerative Medicine for Joints In Tampa

Prolozone – Your affordable alternative to Stem Cells & PRP Injections.

Prolozone (Ozone-Oxygen Therapy) is a natural Regnerative Injection that stimulates your body’s natural healing process & growth factors, decreas pain and restore range of motion for Joints.

Chris M.
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This man helped me avoid back surgery and pain management procedures with something highly effective and zero side effects. I had moderate or higher back pain and nerve pain on the bottom of my right foot. Now I am pain free most of the time, with only an occasional twinge to remind me that pain was once my constant companion.
Shelia V.
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Dr. Hanson is truly an expert in his field! my daughter is a competitive figure skater and after she tore her tendon, we worked with him and he was able to get her to recover 2 weeks sooner than was anticipated! he is extremely knowledgeable and passionate and that shows in his treatments! We continue to recommend others to him and also go regularly to maintain balance and health!
Luda O.
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The office is clean and very welcoming. Dr. Josh Hanson make you feel very comfortable and talks you through everything he does. I came in with TMJ and back pain. And felt a relief after the first session. I wish I have found this place earlier. Highly recommend Dr. Hanson for any problems with pain, you won’t regret you’ve tried.
Joy P.
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Dr. Josh has changed my life! He has done more for me than any other doctor has. He has amazing knowledge and most importantly, he truly cares! I have referred many patients to Dr. Josh and will continue doing so. I am blessed that our paths have crossed!

How Regenerative Medicine for Joints Works

Joint pain can have a variety of causes, such as overuse, an injury, or medical conditions like arthritis. Whether it’s mild or severe, joint pain can interfere with your day and restrict movement. The good news is Prolozone – an alternative to PRP injections can help your body heal joint pain.

Conditions Prolzone Is Helpful For:

The Most Common Causes of Joint Pain

  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Overuse & Wear and Tear
  • Degeneration
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis

Prolozone injections promote Regeneration & new cartilage development

Prolozone can help your body recover from tissue damage more quickly. It uses an all natural solution of Dextrose, Natural anti-inflammatories, a Vitamin Solution & Ozone to promote natural healing.

This powerful all natural injection also stimulates proteins called growth factors that help rebuild injured tissue. 

Dr. Josh Hanson, DACM will inject this regenerative solution into your affected joint, and help your tissue repair itself from the inside out.

What To Expect With Prolozone Injections

Prolozone Helps Lessen inflammation and Improve Joint Function

Besides rebuilding damaged tissue, Prolozone injections also reduce inflammation and pain, and stimulate joint lubrication. This lubrication eases joints’ stiffness and restores more of their overall function.

One study gave Prolozone (ozone + dextrose +vitamin solution) injections to patients with osteoarthritis in their knees. After six weeks, each patient had less pain and stiffness, and better knee function. In fact the results were comparable to PRP (platelet rich plasma injections) and we half the cost!

How to Lessen Joint Pain

Whether your joint pain is from arthritis, a sports injury, or one of the many other possible causes, you can find relief from Prolozone Injection treatment. When you visit our office, located in Tampa, FL, Dr. Josh Hanson will perform a thorough exam to pinpoint the origin of your joint pain.

Once we find the cause, we start building your Regenerative Medicine treatment plan.

Your joint health might improve with only one Prolozone injection but most patients require a series of 4 injections over 8 weeks.

If your pain is from a degenerative condition like arthritis, additional injections can slow the progression, restore range of motion and improve function!

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