Acupuncture to Protect & Improve Vision for Eye Diseases

Brighten your vision, make objects more clear and improve your visual field.

Our specialized acupuncture treatment has proven itself effective for Macular degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Stargardt’s disease, glaucoma, and many other degenerative eye diseases affecting the retina and optic nerve.

What We Treat

Macular Degeneration

Dry / Wet Macular Degeneration

Diabetic Retinopathy

Optic Nerve Disorders

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Stargardt’s Disease

Rod Cone Dystrophy


How Does Acupuncture Help To Improve Vision?

Our eyes are constantly healing and regenerating old and damaged cells. These cells need normal blood circulation to provide oxygen and nutrients to heal. This applies to all tissues in our body. When circulation is compromised for any reason, those tissues degenerate.

For some people, their body cannot keep up with the amount of damage that is occurring because the tiny blood vessels that supply their eye with circulation get blocked or become damaged.

In ALL cases of degenerative eye conditions, this circulation is compromised and their eye cannot keep up with healing their old and damaged cells.

Our specialized acupuncture helps to increase blood circulation specifically to the eye and retinal cells. This allows those cells to heal and regenerate. This specialized acupuncture also helps to wake up dormant retinal cells.

It is not a cure, but a treatment that helps the eyes to heal from the damage caused by the disease

When patients are losing vision we first work to keep the vision they have. When patients are stable, we can in most cases see an increase in the vision. In most cases we can at worst stabilize the vision and ideally we can increase the vision.

What Does A Treatment Plan Look Like?

*Special note: No needles are placed in or around the eyes. All of our specialized acupuncture points are located in the hands and feet and treatment is very comfortable.

Degenerative eye conditions require intensive treatment to stabilize and restore vision. Most patients (even those coming from all over the USA) participate in our intensive Eye Restoration Program.

We start the week with a visual acuity test and a visual field exam so we have a baseline to compare to after treatment.

Treatment is performed multiple times a day (between 2-4 treatments) Monday – Thursday.

We end the week with a post treatment visual acuity and visual field exam to see how much progress you made.

Depending on the progression of your eye condition, patients will require treatment between every 4 months to maintain the progress we made.

*If you’d like to speak with the doctor to get a better understanding of what a treatment plan would look like for your specific condition please schedule a Free 15 Minute Phone Call by clicking the button below or by calling the office at 813-534-0311.


Frequently Asked Questions About Acupuncture for Eye and Vision Conditions

80% of patients notice their vision seem brighter, objects are clearer, and/or their visual field is increasing.

The specific styles of Acupuncture we use does 2 things.

1) Stimulates your optic cells and wakes up dormant retinal cells. 

2) Increase blood circulation to the eye. 

By increasing circulation to these much needed eye vessels, this will in turn bring oxygen-rich blood to diseased cells.  As the blood begins to nourish the cells, it has the added benefit of decreasing inflammation and reducing oxidative stress.

I wish it was possible to help ever single person with vision problems but that is unrealistic. I have found that 80% of patients respond to treatment and receive significant positive benefits.


We test your visual acuity and visual fields before and after treatment.

The earlier you are in the progression of your eye condition, the more quickly we can make changes. I have treated countless patients with late stage progression of macular degeneration with positive results, it just takes more treatment and a longer time period for those changes to occur.

Like most doctors, your eye doctor is just extremely busy and acupuncture is generally so far outside of their scope of practice that they don’t even know it’s a possible and effective treatment. It’s not their fault, they just don’t get educated on tools like acupuncture during their training.

No! The good news is we will NEVER have to put needles in your eye. Generally we are using specific and special acupuncture points that are located on your hands and feet. 

This really depends on what condition is affecting your vision and where you are at in the progression of your condition.
Most people can expect to need at least a 1 week intensive treatment plan to begin their journey to healing and regenerating their vision. Treatments are done 2-4 times a day depending on your condition for 4 days.

Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Josh Hanson, DACM is a well known figure in the field of integrative medicine with a specialization in acupuncture and dry needling, especially when it comes to chronic degenerative conditions. 

His focus is treating chronic degenerative eye conditions. 

Dr. Hanson has a deep drive to reverse engineer degenerative conditions and because of this he has developed numerous techniques and procedures that help him to achieve exceptional results. 

Career Highlights

  • 10 years clinical experience
  • Specialized training in Opthalmic Acupuncture including: MicroAcupuncture, AcuNova 
  • Performed 30,000+ procedures

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