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What is functional Medicine? Everything you need to know!

Functional medicine is the future of medicine. It is a personalized systems based medicine. It honors the fact your body is a complex system within a collection of smaller parts. And the way these individual parts interact has a direct influence and determines how the system as a whole functions. With functional medicine the goal is to determine the root cause of your symptoms. There is a strong focus on nutrition, lifestyle, and natural approaches.

Birth control WILL cause nutrient deficiencies

Long term use of birth control will cause deficiencies in a bunch of different important nutrients. There’s a consequence to everything we take. One of the most common patterns I see is PCOS diagnoses on the rise with young women who have been on birth control for 5-15 years. They don’t show the typical signs of

Lifestyle and Nutritional Strategies to Prevent Corona Virus

Lifestyle and Nutritional Strategies to Prevent Corona Virus So I’m getting a lot of questions from family, friends, patients and the 15k people that follow me on Instagram – “What are you doing for the Corona virus?”.  I want to be clear – in no way am I saying this will prevent or cure the

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