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Non-surgical Trigger Finger Treatment in Tampa, FL

Trigger finger can be an annoying and limiting condition, causing pain and discomfort when you try to bend or straighten your fingers. But now there is a new non-surgical treatment available at our clinic in Tampa, FL that can help alleviate the symptoms of trigger finger without the need for surgery! Come find out how we can help you get back to living life with free movement in your hands.

Text Thumb Pain – Arthritis of the CMC Thumb Joint

What is Text Thumb? Text thumb is a real epidemic. Using our thumbs to text or type can wear out the thumb joint, leading to chronic pain from arthritis at the base your thumb. The sad thing is most docs treat text thumb the same way they did 30 years ago and those treatments are

Dry needling for trigger finger helps patient avoid surgery

Can dry needling & neurofunctional acupuncture help trigger finger without surgery?  DM is a middle aged gentleman who developed trigger finger in his ring finger. Through the years he developed triggering and catching when he moved his ring finger. He became unable to flex that finger more than about half way and noticed his finger

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