Dry needling for trigger finger helps patient avoid surgery

Can dry needling & neurofunctional acupuncture help trigger finger without surgery? 

DM is a middle aged gentleman who developed trigger finger in his ring finger. Through the years he developed triggering and catching when he moved his ring finger. He became unable to flex that finger more than about half way and noticed his finger locking and catching more in the morning. He tried two cortisone trigger finger injections which lasted a few months to help the pain, but didn’t help the finger locking.

Three weeks ago a specialized dry needling & neurofunctional acupuncture protocol allowed this patient to avoid surgery through a specialized trigger finger treatment

In the video below, you can see how we provide a gentle stimulation to the muscles, tendons and nerves that provide motor control and sensory information to the ring finger.

The result? By the next morning this patient had full range of motion and no further triggering and went right back to work without any bracing. He’s doing great at two weeks out! The upshot? Why undergo more invasive surgery when your trigger finger can be fixed through dry needling & neurofunctional acupuncture? NOTE: Dry needling & neurofunctional acupuncture is a medical procedure and like all medical procedures has a success and failure rate.  Not all patients experience the same results. Most patients will need a series of treatment (6-12) to make a lasting change.

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