Is your SI joint causing your pain?

Is your SI joint causing your pain?

The SI joint, the ligaments that stabilize it and the cutaneous nerves near it and even low back and glute muscles can commonly cause pain in your low back that can be confused with SI joint pain.

First we need to figure out if it’s really your SI joint or one of the other soft tissue structures. There are a cluster of physical exam tests we can use, or we can even do what’s called a diagnostic block. That’s where we numb the area and see if it reduces your pain by 50-75 percent.

The good news is there is so much we can do. It all comes down to figuring out what’s causing your SI joint area pain and then using the right tools. If it’s the joint itself or a ligament, then Prolotherapy is a great option.

If it’s a muscle in your low back or glute causing your pain, then dry needling and electro-acupuncture can help.

If it’s a combination of all these things, which can absolutely happen, then we might need to use multiple treatment options to resolve your problem.

So if you have SI joint area pain, know that a lot can be done to help it. You don’t have to live with constant pain. You probably don’t need an SI joint fusion. You probably don’t need another cortisone injection.

You need to treat the actual cause.

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