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Results from a recent study on Acupuncture for Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a group of genetic disorders that affect the retina’s ability to respond to light, leading to a progressive loss of vision. What happens is there is a breakdown and loss of cells in the retina (photoreceptors). Symptoms typically start with night blindness and peripheral vision loss, gradually advancing to central vision

Acupuncture for Macular Degeneration – A review of a new study conducted in 2023

Are you or a loved one struggling with Age-Related Macular Degeneration, or AMD? It’s a challenging condition that can impact your quality of life and independence. But what if there was a natural solution that could help improve your vision? Let’s explore a groundbreaking study on how acupuncture could be the answer you’ve been searching

Acupuncture for Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) Pain

The Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) is a small muscle located in the hip and thigh region, playing a critical role in hip movement and stabilization. Arising from the anterior aspect of the iliac crest, it inserts into the iliotibial band, contributing to several key movements and functions of the leg.

Acupuncture for Deep Gluteal Syndrome

The journey to diagnosing Deep Gluteal Syndrome (DGS) can be a long and frustrating one filled with unanswered questions and a multitude of tests. As a patient, you may have spent months or even years visiting multiple healthcare providers, undergoing numerous invasive investigations with no clear diagnosis or relief from the persistent, debilitating pain in your buttock region. This convoluted process can leave you feeling exasperated, misunderstood, and desperate for a solution.

Is your SI joint causing your pain?

The SI joint, the ligaments that stabilize it and the cutaneous nerves near it and even low back and glute muscles can commonly cause pain in your low back that can be confused with SI joint pain.

Acupuncture for Cervical Spondylotic Radiculopathy

Cervical spondylotic radiculopathy is a serious and common degenerative disease of the cervical spine due to irritation and compression of the nerve roots of the cervical spine, resulting in a series of clinical symptoms based on sensory, motor and reflex disorders, such as numbness and pain in the neck, shoulders, upper limbs and fingers.

Re-thinking Plantar Fasciitis: Everything you need to know about fixing foot pain

Up until the early 2000’s we labeled foot pain especially on the bottom of the heel as “plantar fasciitis”. The idea was the connective tissue (fascia) on the bottom of the foot was inflamed and causing pain due to overuse.

Because the thought process was plantar fascia was inflamed the treatments (and still the most common approach) was to decrease inflammation with ice, medications like NSAIDs and rest. When this didn’t work rest, orthotics, physical therapy to stretch the foot / calf and cortisone injections were then used.

The problem is these methods don’t work for the vast majority of people and studies show that over 50% of patients still have foot pain 15 years after it starts!

Shoulder Pain – Rotator Cuff Tears & Integrative Options

Rotator cuff tears can be a painful and debilitating injury, limiting range of motion in the shoulder and causing difficulty with everyday activities. The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles located around the shoulder joint which help to stabilize it during movement. Tears occur when there is damage to one or more of these muscles, resulting in pain and decreased mobility. In some cases, surgery may be necessary for treatment but luckily there are also integrative options available that can provide relief from pain and limited range of motion associated with rotator cuff tears.

Frozen Shoulder – An Integrative Approach To Treating a Tricky Condition

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by severe pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint, which can make even simple tasks such as dressing or brushing your hair difficult to do. Studies have shown that frozen shoulder occurs in up to between 5- 20% of individuals over the age of 40 and is more common among women than men. However, there are now integrative approaches available that combine evidence-based treatments with holistic therapies such as neurofunctional acupuncture, dry needling, and regenerative medicine for improved outcomes.

Piriformis Syndrome: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

I see a handful of patients every week who are diagnosed with “piriformis” syndrome. The traditional understanding is that the piriformis muscle sits right over the sciatic nerve, and if the piriformis muscle gets tight that it will irritate and mimic symptoms of sciatica. Traditional Piriformis syndrome classified as “pain and numbness in your glutes and maybe down the back of your leg”. Unfortunately I see people get diagnosed and treated for piriformis syndrome but it never fully goes away when they receive steroid injections. The good news is there is a better approach that can actually help get rid of piriformis syndrome once and for all.

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