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Stellate Ganglion Block for Anxiety

A Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) is a quick, 10 minute in office procedure that helps to dampen your body’s fight or flight response. By temporarily blocking the highway of nerves (your Stellate Ganglion) we can reset your sympathetic nervous system’s response to “triggers”.

Why does acupuncture work for anxiety?

Why does acupuncture work for anxiety? Acupuncture isn’t just for pain, it also works for anxiety and is drug and medication free! Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years for a wide variety of problems and anxiety is a problem that’s been around since the beginning of time. At my clinic I practice acupuncture

Top 5 Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture Benefits Acupuncture has been used for literally thousands of years. At my acupuncture clinic in Tampa, FL I use acupuncture everything I’m about to talk about. Everyday I’m amazed at just how powerful acupuncture can be!   Acupuncture can Relieve back pain, neck pain & shoulder painThese are the most common pain problems people are

Birth control WILL cause nutrient deficiencies

Long term use of birth control will cause deficiencies in a bunch of different important nutrients. There’s a consequence to everything we take. One of the most common patterns I see is PCOS diagnoses on the rise with young women who have been on birth control for 5-15 years. They don’t show the typical signs of

Acupuncture can help with anxiety, here’s my gameplan

Acupuncture can help anxiety. Anxiety happens when there’s a mismatch between how your nervous system and your brain perceive something. It’s just simple physiology. Calm the nervous system down and anxious thoughts melt away. I want to walk you through my approach to helping anxiety, since it’s becoming an epidemic. At my acupuncture clinic in

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