Acupuncture can help with anxiety, here’s my gameplan

Acupuncture can help anxiety.

Anxiety happens when there’s a mismatch between how your nervous system and your brain perceive something. It’s just simple physiology. Calm the nervous system down and anxious thoughts melt away. I want to walk you through my approach to helping anxiety, since it’s becoming an epidemic. At my acupuncture clinic in Tampa, FL I help people reset their nervous system and calm their anxiety. My practice is pretty unique since I share the office with my wife (Aniesa Hanson, PhD) who is a performance psychologist that specializes in helping anxiety. The combination we provide is mind + body medicine at it’s finest.

It’s normal to get anxious sometimes, in fact, it’s helpful. Like if a lion is chasing you then you should feel anxious and scared, so you run away and hide. But there’s a real problem when you feel anxiety for no reason at all or it just doesn’t go away. The problem of anixety isn’t a new one, people were dealing with the same issues 1500 years ago. There’s literally chinese medicine text books that are 1000’s of years old that talk about acupuncture & chinese herbal medicine prescriptions for anxiety.

So good news, together, we can get you feeling better. Let me walk you through how.

My anxiety gameplan:

  • Regular acupuncture helps to calm your nervous system and relax your brain. We can literally choose points that calm the stress centers in your brain and re-wire how they work. It’s not magic and doesn’t instantly work but over time it can really make a huge difference.
  • A carefully chosen chinese herbal formula that’s tailored to suit your specific pattern can be really useful. There are Chinese herbs that treat palpitations, over-thinking, insomnia, poor appetite, depression and anxiety.
  • Optimizing your nutrition through targeted supplements & vitamins can have a strong calming effect. Some specific nutrients I commonly use are vitamin d, b-vitamins, omega 3’s & magnesium. We can talk about what’s right for you when you come in.
  • Getting your sleep dialed in can be a game changer. Acupuncture helps optimize your sleep, and I have a great short video course for patients that walks you through the tips to optimize your sleep. Same thing for diet & exercise.
  • And lastly, I usually recommend talking with a good therapist (which we have on staff) to help give you any tools you need to get your mind right. 

This combination is a powerful playbook to tackle any anxiety you might be facing. When we get your body functioning as close to 100% as possible and you get the mental tools you need, then you’re able to to tackle whatever the world throws at you.

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