Trigger Points in the shoulder can cause numbness in the hand

Yesterday I had a patient with excruciating shoulder pain that radiates down his arm into his wrist/hand. Of course he had X-ray, MRI, and ultrasound that all were completely fine. After 2 steroid injections that didn’t help and 6 weeks of physical therapy he came to me.

No one had done a physical exam where they actually palpated his shoulder. Crazy.

I found a trigger point in his infraspinatus (where the X is) that perfectly recreated his pain. So I needled it and he instantly felt the same sensation down his arm.

When I re-assessed him, he had near perfect range of motion and limited pain on movement.

I’m constantly amazed at how adaptable our musculoskeletal and nervous system is. And I’m even more amazed at how much a well placed needle can influence that adaptability.

If you’re in pain, don’t accept one doctors interpretation of your imaging, that never tells the whole picture. Find someone who’s job isn’t to cut into you to perform a good hands on assessment and give you more options besides cortisone injections and surgery.

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