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Trigger Points in the shoulder can cause numbness in the hand

Yesterday I had a patient with excruciating shoulder pain that radiates down his arm into his wrist/hand. Of course he had X-ray, MRI, and ultrasound that all were completely fine. After 2 steroid injections that didn’t help and 6 weeks of physical therapy he came to me. No one had done a physical exam where

Not all pain in your butt is your piriformis

The poor piriformis muscle gets blamed for a lot of butt pain, especially in runners. Butt (see what I did there) it’s not usually the problem. Let’s dive into the anatomy of the butt and see what could be causing that glute pain and talk about some strategies like dry needling to fix it. There

Dry Needling Help Stiff Muscles

If you’re stuck with tightness everywhere then that’s a warning sign that your muscles are stiff and tight, let’s dive in to a recent study on how dry needling can help stiff muscles.

Can dry needling help tinnitus?

Can dry needling help tinnitus? The short answer is, sometimes dry needling can help tinnitus but it depends on the cause. Let’s dive into the current research and I’ll tell you about a recent patient who’s tinnitus I helped with dry needling in Tampa, FL.

Dry Needling For Runners in Tampa, FL

Dry needling is a great recovery tool for runners. Injury rate for runners is really high, somewhere between 30-75% of runners experience some kind of injury or set back each year. When you start increasing mileage or speed things can start to break down. Most runners just ignore those little ache, nags and pains but dry needling is an amazing recover tool that you can use all running season and post season to make sure you don’t miss a day of running!

Dry Needling for Headaches In Tampa, FL

Dry needling is one of the most effective treatments I’ve seen for headaches. As one of the most experienced dry needlers in the state of Florida, I’ve provided over 30,000 dry needling treatments at my dry needling clinic in Tampa, FL. Let’s dive in to the current research on Dry Needling for Headaches! Treating the

How bad the MRI looks DOES NOT predict the level of pain

How bad the MRI looks does not predict the level of pain. This has been proven with HUGE studies.
So why do doctors rely so heavily on MRI results? Well, in order to get paid by your insurance company there has to be a diagnosis that can be justified. What’s better than a picture where you can simply point to a structure and say this is the problem.

What causes your knee to lock up? Hint: It’s not the meniscus

I hear it everyday – someone comes in after getting meniscus surgery because their knee was locking up and they still have pain. Patients with locked knee usually notice their knee locks up when going from sitting to standing or for no reason at all. The theory goes that a piece of a torn meniscus gets in the way and doesn’t let your knee unlock. But here’s the thing, there isn’t much scientific evidence that this meniscus surgery is necessary. What if I told you there was a key muscle in the back of your knee that unlocks it and most doctors completely forget about it and just go straight to surgery.

A Common Cause Of Hand Numbness / Radiating Pain – The Infraspinatus

Every week I get a.few patients who tell me their hands starts to go a little numb, especially since they started working from home. Is this something you should be concerned about? After all, if you ask around, it’s not too common for healthy people to have numbness or tingling in their hands. I want to talk about a commonly misdiagnosed cause of hand numberless!

How To Heal Cervical Radiculopathy Naturally

Can you heal neck pain and cervical radiculopathy naturally and avoid cortisone injections and surgery? Yes! It might have started with a stiff neck after you slept weird or it could have happened gradually over time… but the pain, numbness, and tingling that come with cervical radiculopathy is something you don’t have to live with,

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