Take care of small problems while they’re small

Today’s going to be a short blog with just some practical advice. It’s best to take care of a small problem while it’s still small and before it blows up in an atomic explosion of pain and dysfunction. At my Electro-Acupuncture clinic in Tampa, FL I help all kinds of pain conditions.

If you had a little leak of oil in your engine, you’d get it fixed before your entire car engine blows up and costs you a ton of money..But if you let that leak go too long, you end up eventually needing to replace your whole entire engine with a new one. Well your body is the same way. Let a small problem go too long and you’re looking at major surgery and joint amputations (that’s what I call joint replacements since they literally cut out large chunks of your body to shove in metal parts).

Let me tell you a story about my own pain. When I was in my early 20’s I hurt my back deadlift some heavy weights, it was miserable pain for a year. I tried all the traditional routes (NSAIDs, muscle relaxers, a cortisone injection, physical therapy) and nothing helped until I used electro-acupuncture. Now I don’t really deal with any discomfort at all unless I get a little crazy with a leg workout. So when I start noticing I have a little extra tightness than normal or a little achiness, I know that in a few days it could turn into a major flair up if I don’t do anything.

It’s a subtle warning sign that I need a little tune up. So a quick couple of treatments and I’m back to normal.Keep a small problem a small problem by taking care of it. Don’t follow bad advice and let a problem blossom into a nightmare. 

The good news: Dry needling and Electro-acupuncture can really help regardless if you are dealing with a small problem or a big nuclear explosion of pain. It’s obviously easier and will take less treatment to help when a problem is still small but regardless, I can help :).

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