When to get acupuncture for fertility?

When to get acupuncture for fertility?

There’s no bad time to get acupuncture for fertility but the truth is, the earlier you start the better. At my fertility acupuncture clinic in Tampa, FL I work with couples at every single stage of the process. As far as effectiveness, like anything, the benefits really happen when you get the right dose. The good news is that fertility acupuncture can boost your chances at getting pregnant no matter where you are. Let’s dive into when you should start using acupuncture for fertility.

Pre-conception Acupuncture

Pre-conception acupuncture is great for natural fertility treatment and IVF cycle preparation. The goal here is to normalize and optimize everything!

Four months of  pre-conception acupuncture care is where we can make the BIGGEST impact. This is the time frame where we can influence the growth and health of your eggs. It also allows us to normalize your menstrual cycle and in turn optimize your uterine lining for implantation.

Coincidently, 4 months is also the timeframe of your partners sperm growth cycle. So it allows us to optimize sperm parameters like morphology, motility, and even quantity.

The frequency of acupuncture for fertility for females during pre-conception care is always weekly. Some women need a more aggressive treatment plan that involves acupuncture twice a week. I also recommend a customized Chinese herbal medicine formula to help support your body. The frequency of acupuncture for fertility for males will differ from weekly to only needing a Chinese Herbal. Medicine formula to support sperm parameters.

IVF Prep Acupuncture

Pre- Egg Retrieval

    The goal here is to optimize blood flow to your ovaries, optimize egg growth and health and make sure the medications you are on are able to do their thing. We also use acupuncture to calm anxiety and reduce stress levels as they can begin to rise and impede the process.

    The sooner we start the better during this phase. All of the research studies show around 12 treatments is an effective dose. But depending on your specific condition, you might need more or less treatment. 

Pre Transfer

    The goal here is to prepare your uterus for implantation. This means making sure your uterine lining is receiving plenty of blood flow so it can grow to an appropriate thickness. We also use acupuncture to help reduce stress and anxiety.

    The research shows 4-8 treatments is an effective dose for this phase.

Post Transfer

    The goal here is to reduce uterine contractions, calm stress and anxiety and support implantation. I recommend 2-4 treatments post transfer during your 14 day waiting period, depending on your specific case.

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