Who Does Dry Needling Near Me?

If you’re looking for Dry Needling near me, Dr. Josh Hanson, DACM can help. As one of the longest practicing and most experienced in dry needling in Florida, he has worked with every major sports team in the Tampa, FL region (and beyond). Dry needling is a treatment that’s used to treat chronic pain by inserting needles into specific points on the body. It helps reduce swelling and inflammation in the muscles, as well as release tightness in your muscle tissue. Dry needling is an effective treatment that doesn’t take much time out of each day and can be done at home or work!

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What is a trigger point?

Myofascial Trigger points are a tangle of skeletal muscle fibers that can cause pain, soreness, reduce range of motion and other symptoms. Trigger points often lie near joints and attach to the skin surface in a band-like formation.

Trigger point dry needling is performed by inserting a needle into these Trigger Points – it helps reduce swelling and inflammation in your muscles as well as release tightness in your muscle tissue.

How does dry needling work with chronic muscle tightness?

A trigger point can be tender when you touch it, and may cause pain in other parts of your body. Dry needling can reduce muscle tension and improve pain. Dr. Josh Hanson uses dry needling to release the trigger point, relieving pain and improving movement. A twitch can be a sign that the therapy is working, and a twitch can occur when needling is used to relieve muscle tension. This type of therapy can be used to help relieve pain and improve movement and help you move more easily in certain parts of a muscle group or with certain symptoms of myofascial pain syndrome.

A useful analogy on how dry needling works

If your nervous system like a computer, your short-term memory has become overloaded and inefficient. This is similar to how dry needling works in the human body. Dry needling helps specific muscles, body parts, and your general health. It may cause a dull, aching sensation during a “restart” when the body resets how the needled structure should work within the system. When the body reopens how it should work in the system, it may cause a dull and aching feeling. To get rid of bogged-down processing, you must reboot the system and clear that short term memory.

What’s the difference between dry needling and acupuncture?

Acupuncture and dry needling are both techniques that involve inserting tiny sterile needles into muscles. Dry needling in an acupuncture technique – but not all acupuncture is dry needling.

Just like there are different styles of karate – there are different styles of acupuncture. Most acupuncturists study TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) which is a gentle needling technique that helps for a wide variety of healthy conditions.

Dry needling is a form of Orthopedic Acupuncture used to stimulate trigger points, or muscles that are irritable. The needles are inserted in ‘trigger points’ in specific areas of muscle or tissue. Practitioners place these points in the muscle for a short period of time and might also add electric stimulation.

Dr. Josh Hanson, DACM is the most experienced dry needler near me in Tampa, FL area who has extensive training and clinical experience in both Dry Needling, Trigger Point Injections, and Prolotherapy. The ability to use Dry Needling & also Trigger Point Injections gives Dr. Hanson more options to help you end your pain. No physical therapist in the country can do both Dry Needling & Trigger Point Injections – making Dr. Hanson an easy choice when looking for dry needling near me.

How to Find A Dry Needling Practitioner

First and foremost you need to find a practitioner that specializes in dry needling and does it all day everyday. Dr. Josh Hanson, DACM sees between 15-20 patients for needling only per day and has done so since 2011.

Your average physical therapist took a short weekend course and has only been able to practice dry needling in Florida since 2020. According to a large study done by physical therapists, the average physical therapist only uses dry needling an average of 0-3 times per day and instead focuses on using corrective exercises to help reduce pain.

When it comes to inserting needles in your body, choosing a specialist in dry needling like Dr. Josh Hanson, DACM who exclusively uses needles as a tool is an easy choice.

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